The Townhouses of Derby

Association Fees

The fee is $225 per quarter (due the first of January, April, July, and October), $900 per year, or $75 per month.

We do not mail a bill for this. Any account not paid within 30 days of the due date is charged a $25 late fee. For those who pay monthly, payment is due the first week of the month or a $8.34 late fee per month will be charged. All payments are sent to Townhouses of Derby PO Box 41 Derby, NY 14047. In the future, we will be implementing an online payment system.

Unpaid association fees and other charges may result in a “Notice of Lien” being filed against real property of the delinquent owner(s) and possible proceedings to enforce the same. The Declaration provides that all assessments, together with interest, costs, and reasonable attorney fees (collectively “charges”) “shall be a charge on the land and shall be a continuing lien upon the property against which each assessment is made” In short, the Board of Directors will file a lien against your property for ongoing unpaid fees. A small claims action will no longer be applicable.


As a purchaser of a townhouse, you are now a member of the Townhouses of Derby Association. If your membership remains up to date you will have full voting privileges at the annual Homeowner Budget meeting held every Spring, as well as the annual Election meeting held in September. You will be notified prior to each meeting and your attendance is encouraged.

Services Provided

Your membership fee covers snowplowing of the common driveways, parking areas and your private driveway. Also, landscape, grass cutting and weed/insect control in the common areas surrounding the Townhouses. Snowplowing coverage begins Nov 15th and ends March 15th. Our contractor for the 2023-2024 season is McMillans Landscaping of WNY. Lawn and Landscaping contractor is also McMillans Landscaping of WNY. Mowing is usually done on Wed. or Thursday. Mowing will occur less frequently in the summer when grass is dormant.

We also mulch the landscape beds and seal the blacktop on common driveways every other year.

Townhouse owners are responsible for all exterior maintenance of their units- roof, siding, gutters, shutters, doors etc. You are responsible for all utilities.


Garbage pick up is Tuesday morning. The waste company is contracted by the Town of Evans and is included as part of your taxes. All garbage is to be placed in front of your garage. No garbage is to be placed on the main street EXCEPT for 1152-1158 & 1183-1189 Peppertree and 1426-1436 &1448-1462 Independence. Please be sure your garbage is in cans or securely bundled in plastic bags.

Per Town law- do not place your garbage out before 6 pm on Monday evening.

Recycling is picked up every other week.

If a major holiday (Labor day, Christmas Day, etc.) falls on the Monday before our Tues pick up, our garbage pick up will be one day behind that week.

The schedule of dates for pick up is available at or call the Town Hall at 716-549-8787


Vehicle parking is allowed on private parking pads, in private garages or in common guest parking areas located in each of the townhouse driveways or on the street. Parking is limited. Please be considerate of others. Guest areas are not to be abused by residents with multiple vehicles.

Temporary parking in non-designated areas (max 30 min) will be allowed for loading or unloading. Random parking in the common driveways is not allowed. No parking is allowed on the grass, this includes end unit owners.

Any owner, tenant or visitor who violates the parking restriction will initially receive a warning. Any further infraction is subject to $50 fine per violation, then towing, with retrieval cost to be borne by the vehicle owner.


Open Fires

Pursuant to Evans Town code, fires are not permitted within 35 feet of a building structure. No open fires or fire pits are allowed on Townhouse property.


As a member of a shared community we insist you be a responsible pet owner! No one likes to see pet waste on their lawn or on the common areas. Please clean up after your pet and don’t let your dog or cat be a nuisance to your neighbors- this includes excessive barking. Any complaints we receive about barking are referred to the Dog Control officer in the Town of Evans.

Noise Restrictions

As a Townhouse association, we live connected and in close quarters. This is what you “signed up for”. Please respect your neighbors! Be mindful that people often work, sleep and live on a schedule that may be different from yours.  

Kindly refrain from: Loud music (any hours) loud voices, idling vehicles with music playing loudly, revving and idling of motorcycles and incessant dog barking.

Neighbors with noise issues are encouraged to call the Evans police at 716-549-3600.

Upgrades & Improvements

All proposed exterior additions, remodeling and restoration to a unit and adjoining areas must be submitted in writing on the approved application form prior to any work being done. You may use any contractor you wish. We legally have 30 days to respond to you.

“The homeowner is herein reminded that they are fully responsible to keep and maintain their townhouse, garage, and front/rear yards, including roof, gutters, trim siding, concrete steps and sidewalks, doors, driveway pads, windows, light, vent pipes, flues, louvers and fencing in good repair and appearance”

A building permit may be required AFTER you have received approval from the Townhouse architectural committee regarding your unit. It is your responsibility to check if a permit is needed. The Town can issue a stop work order if you did not apply for a permit.

Recommended Contractors

The following individuals have been used and are recommended by homeowners living in the Townhouses of Derby

  • Artie’s Tree Service 716-517-1854
  • Kenneth Thomas (drywall, doors, painting, plumbing) 716-238-2938
  • Lauber Remodeling/Custom Woodwork (interior remodeling,kitchens)
    Hannah Lauber 716-712-6574
  • Irish Fence, LLC 716-998-6259
  • Hilty Tree Service 716-867-0243
  • Roofs by Bryan 716-955-9225
  • Michael Delisle, Jam’n Home Design 716-866-5261 / JamnHomeDesign@Hotmail.Com / Facebook
  • Robert Turk, Turk Construction 716-934-4538
  • Trevor Carney, Appropriate Properties, LLC 716-570-0762 (handyman work, painting,drywall, siding, plumbing, electric)
  • Jerry Galfo- General Handyman 716-725-2778
  • Joe Oleandi “All Home Repairs” 716-696-2591
  • Joe Maiorana-General Handyman. 716-549-7758
  • Jon Singleton, Combat Plumbing, LLC 716-226-1520
  • Andrew Strainese, Electrician 716-949-1558
  • Victor J. Cimicato, Roofing, Siding, and More 716-864-5675
  • Jason Ashton, Straight A Services (blacktop, concrete, remodeling, etc.) 716-912-3343
  • Joe Rizzuto, Rizzuto Repairs 716-849-8939
  • Brian Wray, American Quality Construction, Irving, NY. 716-604-5099 (roofing / siding)
  • William Rott & Son 694-8220 (roofing, siding, windows, gutters)